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Boomers are telling a very different story for the next phase. Not only are we not done yet. Most of us are just getting started.

The New and Improved Boomer: Embracing Endless Potential in the Next Phase of Life

For most of our lives, boomers have been at the center of much of the greatest economic opportunity the US and the world (remember, it was a global population boom after WWII) has ever seen. We don’t think the opportunity is over.

Not by a long shot. 

We’ve distilled our thoughts about those current and future opportunities into The New And Improved Boomer. Below are some highlights.

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Boomers who are living longer and seeking greater purpose, stimulation, social engagement, and fulfillment in retirement present significant bottom-line opportunities for companies selling products and services in six areas that represent our next phase journey. The six areas are:

Education: Boomers will continue expanding our knowledge as we seek additional degrees, simply audit classes, or explore new ways to enjoy life.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits: Since we’ve lived through recessions, credit default swaps, and thunderous social change, Boomers are willing to take risks, including starting new companies.

Technology: We led the tech charge, pouring the foundation on which the tech world has built its successes. Our savvy means we’re willing to use and enjoy the tools technology continues to invent, tools that enable us to live in our own homes, tap into new ways of learning, track our health, stay in touch, be endlessly entertained and more. 

Health: Armed with beneficial tools and helpful, accessible information, we live increasingly healthier lives and and continue seeking spiritual and emotional growth. 

Finance: Despite conventional wisdom that we’ll go broke before we die, many boomers hold enormous real estate wealth, have invested significantly in equities and are as savvy financially as we are technologically. We continue seeking ways to grow our money to last these longer lives we expect. 

Travel: Boomers can afford to travel. We have the time. And we have the inclination to see the world’s largest ball of string in Kansas, the largest croc in Australia, or sail down the longest river in Asia, with or without a guide. 

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