Elementor #180

“Around the world, the longevity economy has been estimated to be around $15 trillion as a global market—that’s 30% of the world’s buying power—making it the world’s third largest economy after the US and China.” 


James Coughlin, The Longevity Economy:

Unlocking the World’s Fastest Growing, Most Misunderstood Market

Are you prepared to take advantage of what will likely be the greatest market opportunity to come along…EVER?

If you answered yes, telling the right story about your products and services will be critical to your success. To win this market, you’ll need a deep, nuanced understanding of the demographic and a genius for storytelling.

We’ve got both.

When it comes to creating compelling content about the products and services that make the lives of boomers more dynamic, safer, healthier and wealthier, we mean business.

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Embracing Endless Potential in the Next Phase of Life

“What we’ve begun to understand—and yell from the rooftops—is this: “We’re not done yet.” And we’re challenging corporations to listen because boomers don’t just have valid, valuable experiences businesses and government need. As a powerful consumer block controlling $7 trillion in disposable income, they need our money, too.

Smart companies will get on board by changing their attitudes about boomers or get left behind.”


Who We Are

Next Phase Communications is a small creative agency with serious chops and a big agenda—telling stories about products and services created especially for people in or entering their next phase of life. We speak boomer. Do you?

What We Do

Boomers don’t like being “olded,” condescended to, or treated like we resemble some hackneyed, stereotypical trope of aging. At Next Phase we reject that approach and instead create content that excites, delights, and informs to sell your products and services to people in their next phase.

What We Think

The question isn't will boomers continue to be educated, entrepreneurial, health conscious, tech savvy, solid financially, and well traveled. We will. The question is will product developers and service providers understand who we are and give us what we want?

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